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Example of Botox on the Wirral

Our client on the Wirral wanted to remove the frown lines from her forehead. She contacted us through a referral from one of her work colleagues. It was her first time having Botox, we did the initial consultation in the comfort of her own home. We then proceeded with a treatment plan to smooth the lines on her forehead.

This client wanted the Azzalure product rather than the Botox brand because she had been told about this from her friend.

The injection process took around 15 minutes and she saw results start to show within five days. We then did a top up at two weeks and the results you see are after that top up. She was delighted with the outcome and she is booked back in for her next anti wrinkle treatment. 

Botox in the Wirral Area

Since 2016, Dr Hamilton has offered Botox on the Wirral, including areas such as Heswall, Neston, West Kirby and Caldy, this is currently a mobile home service only (wearing full PPE). A time and location is arranged with Dr Hamilton for the pre-consulation, we are now able to offer this through a video call. Following this, the treatment will then be carried out at your home or if you would prefer you can pop into the studio in Chester.

We have recently had enquiries asking about group treatments. This can be organised and there would be a reduction in price, however we cannot complete any of the work before completing pre-consulations and ensure that treatment plans fall in line with your goals.

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Botox Wirral forehead example Dr Hamilton Cosmetics

Our Products

Botox is actually a brand name that has become synonymous with Anti Wrinkle Treatment. Whilst the Botox brand still exists and is a good product we find it is not right for most of our clients. At Dr Hamilton Cosmetics we tend to use Azzalure products. Azzalure has actually become the more common treatment for people as it spreads better and has proven to give a better finished result. In addition using Azzalure allows us to keep our costs down and the prices below are based on use of Azzalure rather than Botox. If you would like to use the Botox product please speak to Dr Hamilton so we can Bette understand your needs. 

The Prices

Below are the prices for Botox in Chester, whether it is home treatment or at our clinic.

We understand that having your first treatment can be a big first step and we offer an introductory price if this is your first treatment with Dr Hamilton Cosmetics. please contact us if you would like to book and if it's your first treatment be sure to ask about the Introductory Prices.


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Introductory Offers Available, contact us to find out more