Botox in the Tarporley Area

Dr Hamilton moved to Tarporley in 2016 and offered her Botox services to the local community.

She has since moved but still offers Botox to many people in the Tarporley area. 

This is now a home service only (wearing full PPE), however the option to visit the Chester studio is always there. We are able to offer treatment to groups providing all participants have had a pre consultation. If you want to make yourself look fresher, more youthful and ready to face the world with a rejuvenated look then contact us.

Dr Hamilton is Fully insured through the leading cosmetic insurance company Hamilton Cosmetics so you can relax knowing that you are dealing with professionals.

Botox in Tarporley Dr Hamilton example
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Example of Botox in the Tarporley Area

This client looked great already but wanted to soften her Crow's Feet. She was referred to us through friends in the Tarporley area that had also had Botox. After the initial consultation which was completed face to face we decided to go ahead with the treatment plan.

The process took around 45 minutes in total including the consultation time, marking up and injection using the Micro-Fine Insulin needles. We followed up two weeks later with a very small top up to smooth the final couple of lines. The follow up is included in the treatment price, so you can rest easy that you are not going to be incurring extra fees. The client was thrilled with the results and because she leads a very healthy lifestyle, doesn't drink much alcohol and doesn't spend too much time in the sun it has lasted over 3 months and still going strong.  

Our Products

Botox is actually a brand name that has become synonymous with Anti Wrinkle Treatment. Whilst the Botox brand still exists and is a good product we find it is not right for most of our clients. At Dr Hamilton Cosmetics we tend to use Azzalure products. Azzalure has actually become the more common treatment for people as it spreads better and has proven to give a better finished result. In addition using Azzalure allows us to keep our costs down and the prices below are based on use of Azzalure rather than Botox. If you would like to use the Botox product please speak to Dr Hamilton so we can Bette understand your needs. 

The Prices

Below are the prices for Botox in Tarporley. We currently only offer home treatment or at our clinic in Chester.

We understand that having your first treatment can be a big first step and we offer an introductory price if this is your first treatment with Dr Hamilton Cosmetics. please contact us if you would like to book and if it's your first treatment be sure to ask about the Introductory Prices.


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Introductory Offers Available, contact us to find out more