Botox in Chester and Surrounding Areas

Dr Hamilton Cosmetics have been offering Botox in Chester since 2016 as a home service but we would like to add the option to have treatment in our studio. We offer the home service to Chester and surrounding 15 mile radius. Our new Studio is located in the Westminster park district of Chester. The clinic has been recently modernised and this service is available by appointment only. 

We understand that people may have jobs or perhaps want their botox to be discrete so we are flexible with the time that we can perform the treatment. The clinic is available for booking on Tuesdays, evenings and weekends. If you would like to book Botox in Chester please click the Book online button or contact us here.

We look forward to meeting you :-)

Examples of our Botox in Chester

Below you can see examples of our Botox work in Chester and descriptions of the Botox that was carried out. We have performed work for both Male and Females. Botox on Men is becoming more and more popular as people realise it's a low risk, hassle free way to looking more youthful.

Here we have an example of some work completed in a home visit. Patient X wanted a fresher natural look. The Botox was used to soften the lines in the Glabellar area (between the eyes), Crow's feet and forehead. The anti wrinkle treatment has helped with a more youthful look. She was very happy with the treatment, we feel it has taken years off her appearance.

This gentleman wanted to remove the wrinkles on his forehead before his next holiday. He was initially worried about having the needles into the forehead, however he surmised how relatively painless it was.We used the Botox product in the Forehead and between the eyes. This gentleman lives a fit and healthy lifestyle and as a result the botox lasted for 3 months. He was thrilled with results and all of his preconceptions about the treatment have now gone. We look forward to working with him again.

Our Products

Botox is actually a brand name that has become synonymous with Anti Wrinkle Treatment. Whilst the Botox brand still exists and is a good product we find it is not right for most of our clients. At Dr Hamilton Cosmetics we tend to use Azzalure products. Azzalure has actually become the more common treatment for people as it spreads better and has proven to give a better finished result. In addition using Azzalure allows us to keep our costs down and the prices below are based on use of Azzalure rather than Botox. If you would like to use the Botox product please speak to Dr Hamilton so we can Bette understand your needs. 

The Prices

Below are the prices for Botox in Chester, whether it is home treatment or at our clinic.

We understand that having your first treatment can be a big first step and we offer an introductory price if this is your first treatment with Dr Hamilton Cosmetics. please contact us if you would like to book and if it's your first treatment be sure to ask about the Introductory Prices.


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treatment areas


Introductory Offers Available, contact us to find out more