Who is Dr Hamilton?

Dr Hamilton obtained her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at university of Sheffield and has been a qualified Doctor for the last 11 years. Dr Hamilton then specialised as a GP and worked in various areas of London, she developed a specialist interest in aesthetics before moving to the Cheshire area in 2016.


Dr Hamilton will put you at ease with her approachable and confident style and friendly demeanour. She offers anti wrinkle treatments as a confidential and discrete service.

"A very professional and personal service with a real emphasis on the patient's needs."

- Lisa, 31, Chester 


Why have the 


Anti Wrinkle Injections are the modern anti ageing treatment if you want to reduce wrinkles and soften lines to create an uplifting, natural, fresher look.


Often referred to as 'Botox' it is a non surgical procedure that has similar aesthetic results to surgery but without the the invasive or long term implications. The enhancing effects of anti wrinkle treatments can last up to 6 months.


Four easy steps to a better you


The initial meeting with Dr Hamilton is a primary consultation which involves taking your medical history and explaining the procedure, outlining the risks and the discussing of the results you desire


After the initial meeting with Dr Hamilton she will discuss the pricing structure, devise a treatment plan and book future dates for your chosen  procedures.


The procedure is actually fairly simple and can take as little as 20 minutes to perform depending on how many injections you are getting. Discomfort is usually minimal and brief

The recovery time for the treatment is usually minimal,  after the treatment you can leave the clinic, go home. You can receive injections with Botox up to every 4 months in order to help you maintain the results


Where is the 


Dr Hamilton currently operates at various sites across the Cheshire area, including Chester, Tarporely and Wirral. It is possible to book Dr Hamilton for home service treatments, please use the contact form to book an appointment at the locations below.


  • Tuesday - Tarporely

  • Thursday evening - Chester

  • Friday evening - Tarporely

  • Saturday - Wirral


How much does the treatment cost?

We believe that all our patients should be free to choose their cosmetic treatment without the worry of cost. The cost of our treatments is entirely dependant on how many areas you have injected and all prices according to your individual treatment plan are outlined in your initial consultation. There are 3 common areas to have treated (highlighted in graphic below)


treatment area



treatment area



treatment area







(between eyes)

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