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Botox in Chester and Surrounding Areas

Dr Hamilton Cosmetics have been offering Botox in Chester since 2016 as a home service. We have now added the option to have treatment in our studio.

We offer the home service to Chester and surrounding 15 mile radius. If you would prefer to visit our Studio it is located in the Westminster park district of Chester. The studio has been recently modernised and this service is available by appointment only. 

We understand that people may have jobs or perhaps want their botox treatment to be discrete so we are flexible with the time that we can perform the service. The Botox clinic is available for booking on Tuesdays, evenings and weekends. If you would like to book Botox in Chester please click the Book online button or contact us here.

We look forward to meeting you :-)

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Why have Botox Treatment

Quite simply if you want appear more youthful through the smoothing and softening of wrinkles or as we like to them static and dynamic lines, then Botox is for you. It is an Anti Wrinkle Injection that is the modern age reversing treatment if you want to reduce wrinkles and soften lines to create an uplifting, natural, fresher look.

There are three main areas that when wrinkled give a more aged appearance. These areas are the Glabellar (between the eyes), Forehead and Lateral Canthal Lines (Crow’s Feet). So if you have lines in those areas then Botox can certainly help.

The most effective results tend to be for those aged between 18-60.

Botox in Chester - About Dr Hamilton 

Botox in Chester clinic

I obtained the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degree at university of Sheffield and have been a qualified Doctor since 2007. I then became a certified GP and worked in various prestigious practises in London before developing a specialist interest in Aesthetics. This passion grew I went on to complete training at Harley Academy (the UK's leading provider of Aesthetic Medicine) and obtained the Level 7 Qualification, the highest and most respected level for Botox treatment. 

Further mentorship was completed with the surgeon of numerous Hollywood actresses and A-list celebrities and this vast experience gave me the knowledge and understanding to offer the Botox services at my own practise.  

After moving to the Chester area in 2016 I have been providing Botox to an exclusive list of clients alongside working as a GP in the Wirral area. 

I have been told I have an approachable and friendly demeanour. I offer Botox treatments as a confidential and discrete service.

I am fully insured with Hamilton Fraser Cosmetics.

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"A very professional and personal service with a real emphasis on the patient's needs."

- Lisa, 31, Chester 

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How Botox Works

Acetyl Choline is chemical that causes the contraction of muscles, and muscles contracting in the face cause wrinkles.

Botox is a toxin that targets the neuromuscular junction and inhibits the release of Acetyl Choline and therefore has a temporary freezing effect on the muscles. It is this that softens the lines in the face and creates a more youthful appearance.

The Botox injections are localised to the area where you want to remove or reduce your lines. The procedure uses Micro-Fine Insulin needles so the process is normally relaxed and relatively pain free.


Below you will see the 4 step process to rewinding the ageing process 

Four easy steps to a better you


The initial meeting with Dr Hamilton is a primary consultation which involves taking your medical history and explaining the procedure, outlining the risks and the discussing of the results you desire from Botox. This can now be done remotely.


After the initial meeting with Dr Hamilton she will discuss the pricing structure, devise a treatment plan and book future dates for your chosen  procedures.

the botox process in chester



The procedure is actually fairly simple and can take as little as 20 minutes to perform depending on how many injections you are getting. Discomfort is usually minimal and brief

The recovery time for the treatment is usually minimal,  after the treatment you can leave the clinic, go home. You can receive injections with Botox up to every 4 months in order to help you maintain the results

Examples of our Botox in Chester

Below you can see examples of our Botox in Chester and descriptions of the Botox that was carried out. We have performed work for both Male and Females. Botox on Men is becoming more and more popular as people realise it's a low risk, hassle free way to looking more youthful.

Botox Chester Clinic

Here we have an example of some work completed in a home visit. Patient X wanted a fresher natural look. The Botox was used to soften the lines in the Glabellar area (between the eyes), Crow's feet and forehead. The anti wrinkle treatment has helped with a more youthful look. She was very happy with the treatment, we feel it has taken years off her appearance.

Male Botox in Chester

This gentleman wanted to remove the wrinkles on his forehead before his next holiday. He was initially worried about having the needles into the forehead, however he was surprised how relatively painless it was. We did the Botox in our Chester studio and used the product in the Forehead and between the eyes. This gentleman lives a fit and healthy lifestyle and as a result the botox lasted for 3 months. He was thrilled with results and all of his preconceptions about the treatment have now gone. We look forward to working with him again.

Our Products

Botox is actually a brand name that has become synonymous with Anti Wrinkle Treatment. Whilst the Botox brand still exists and is a good product we find it is not right for most of our clients. At Dr Hamilton Cosmetics we tend to use Azzalure products. Azzalure has actually become the more common treatment for people as it spreads better and has proven to give a better finished result. In addition using Azzalure allows us to keep our costs down and the prices below are based on use of Azzalure rather than Botox. If you would like to use the Botox product please speak to Dr Hamilton so we can Bette understand your needs. 

How much does the treatment cost in Chester?

We believe that all our patients should be free to choose their cosmetic treatment without the worry of cost. The cost of our treatments is entirely dependent on how many areas you have injected and all prices according to your individual treatment plan are outlined in your initial consultation. There are 3 common areas to have treated.


treatment area



treatment areas



treatment areas


Introductory Offers Available, contact us to find out more

Botox In Chester and Surrounding Areas

Dr Hamilton offers Botox in Chester and surrounding areas including Wrexham, Tarporley and Wirral. Please click the title at the top of the page for more information on your area.

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